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Narrative Control

Narrative Control...of the Future!

Aug 26, 2012

Hi all, while I would love to put out more episodes of Narrative Control, there are two mitigatging factors. One, we haven't had any "calls" (no content) and all the hosts have been strapped for time due to other projects or obligations (no means). 

I'm still pretty far from calling NC over. Though we've clrealy podfaded since season 2, I've got a plan for this podcast and I see our current situation as an obstacle, not a defeat. So, I'm going to take some time offline like we do between seasons to mull over what to do with the rest of season three. We'll play some games of Fiasco or Poker or Penny and see what brilliant ideas pop into our minds.

Though I really like the "Cartalk" format we've be doing, we'll have to reconsider if it's a viable for another 29 or so shows. Either way, myself and the co-hosts will be back after a bit (for small or large values of a bit) with more Narrative Control. Looking forward to it!