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Narrative Control

Oct 30, 2008

Hi, and welcome to Narrative Control. This week's episode has two segments. The first half covers using previews to prime your next game. The second section is a review of my experience running Good Omens Con. I review all the steps and hopefully offer up some useful advice.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Justin Evans

Length: 23:48

Liner Notes

[00:28] Show Introduction: Previews and Running Conventions.
[01:32] Bumper
[01:54] Part 1. Definitions of Preivews
[02:04] Okay, the real Definition of Previews
[02:14] Justin's Bleeding Edge Stuff
[02:57] Modeled after previews to TV shows, designed to get players excited about the next game.
[03:48] How Justin uses it in his game. Players create brief (vague) scenes for the next game.
[04:35] Incorporating them into the next game.
[05:08] Can be difficult if you don't know how long the game will be.
[05:48] The players end up giving you fuel for the games.
[05:59] What if you can't find a place to fit the preview in? Does it feel forced?
[07:48] What about players framing their scenes including the preview?
[08:50] Allowing the players to fill in the details.
[09:58] Sean has requested scenes in advance form players. Mixed results. Do previews ever have these troubles?
[11:03] Keep the previews short and vague.
[11:33] Authoring other player's characters into your previews?
[12:30] Players enjoy the spotlight being put on them.
[12:51] Sean's superior math skills
[13:05] Bumper
[13:12] Part 2. Good Omens Con
[13:42] Stats: 60 attendees, 14 games, and a Guest GM: Carl Rigney
[14:16] Covered by
[14:28] Instant Pre-Order for Don't Loose your Mind
[15:30] The History of Good Omens Con
[15:48] Both Cons were Chartiy Events: Alemeday Food Bank
[16:49] First starting thinking about this early 2005
[17:38] Location. Find a place to host the con. EndGame hosted our con. They Rock!
[19:12] Date: Pick a date where there aren't other convetions going on
[19:42] Round up GMs.
[20:26] Coordinante the game sign ups.
[21:12] Feeing of running a con is great. A chance to give back to the gamer community.
[21:20] Sean's Mantras - Scratch someone elses back first.and "Free is Good!"

Good Omens Games
Don't Loose your Mind

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