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Narrative Control

Mar 17, 2011

Hi and welcome back to Narrative Control.  This week’s episode was inspired by this blog post by Karen Twelves  It’s kind of the analog to Episode 36 – Dare to be Stupid.  That episode assumes we’re all shooting for a heroic end, what if you’re shooting for tragedy?

Length: 42:08

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Karen Twelves

Show Notes:

[00:24] Intro to the show. Something wasn’t quite right after Dead of Winter
[00:50] Reading from the post:
[01:23] Hello from Karen. Her blog and soon to be appearance on 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction
[02:05] How this is going to sound like Episode 36 – Dare to Be Stupid. And how it’s different.
[03:11] Playing one-off (one shot?) games. No investment in them surviving the game.
[03:36] I didn’t get all my character can do if I didn’t destroy them by the end.
[04:30] But…but…it may not be the game everyone is playing. Is this what everyone wants?
[06:21] Emo porn is its own reward.
[07:19] Bringing your own experience of loss or suffering to the game.
[07:57] The other side of the spectrum of playing power fantasy games.
[08:28] Characters are real when they have suffered.
[09:17] If you know things are going to go badly, it’s a different mode of play.
[09:37] But what about my agency?
[10:27] The game needs enough elasticity to continue play even after horrible things happen.
[10:59] Example: A character died in the first scene of Dread.
[12:11] There are great games for exploring power fantasies as well.
[13:37] How to do it? Make it fun to pursue doom for you and the others.
[14:14] Add to your failures.  Complicate them.
[14:55] Collaborate with the other players to find the best “worst” idea possible.
[16:11] Spend all those Fate chips. Make sure you can’t refuse a compel. Another way to collaborate.
[19:01] Looking at the Dread tower, it’s a perpetual sword over your head.  Pull those blocks!
[19:51] Working to sabotage your own efforts.  In Fiasco, keep trying to put the gun in your mouth.
[20:36] In Cthulhu when the professor finds the alien texts, OF COURSE you will try to translate it!
[21:15] In a one off game, you don’t have time to make a conservative or stoic character interesting. Put on the ring.
[22:48] A bit of proof.  Three examples of game that Karen was in where emo porn was awesome.
[21:11] Carl’s Smallville Game – Breakfast League: Angsty teenagers with powers.
[27:59] Ryan Macklin’s Dresden Game – Emissary of the Dragon making all the wrong moves.
[31:07] Sean’s Apocalypse World Game – Heart of Darkness. A healer who had to decide who lives and who dies.
[40:47] Wrap up. What it’s all about.

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