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Narrative Control

Dec 10, 2010

This episode I've got Rob Donoghue and Judd Karlman on skype talking about the NewHotSexy Apocalypse World.

Hosts: Sean Nittner, Rob Donoghue and Judd Karlman

Length: 46:35

Show Notes

[00:27] Sean sits down with Judd Karlman and Rob Donoghue to talk about Apocalypse World.  

[01:03] What about Apocalypse World sparked interest?
[01:28] Short answer: Vincent Baker, the author of Apocalypse World.  
[02:55] On Vincent's writing style and how it informs the game.  
[04:30] Enumerating your tools so you can use them better.
[05:39] Judd feels Vincent moves share a kinship with Bangs from Sorcerer.  
[06:17] These principles work in other games as well.  
[08:35] It's OK to ponder what happens next as the MC.
[08:55] Judd and Rob compare Apocalypse World to Dogs in the Vineyard, Vincent Baker's previous game.   
[10:36] Using examples in game text.
[11:10] Examples of not only how to do things right, but how things might go wrong.  
[12:30] Writing for player versus player.  
[13:33] The Apocalypse World character dynamic: "We're not talking about a party"
[15:30] Rather than attacking the character directly, assaulting their interests. 
[18:04] The Apocalypse World conflict system.  Greater costs means every conflict matters.  
[20:05] A core conceit of Apocalypse World: playing your character like a real person.  
[21:33] Curing indifference through giving players stuff.  
[22:08] Relationships emerging in Judd's game
[23:13] Encouraging the MC to ask probing questions.
[24:39] Two player trends: Focusing on the narrative versus focusing on the moves. 
[27:59] Some of the vagaries of the system: highlighting certain moves for experience.  
[29:13] "The ability to change what's the focus of the character that session is huge."
[30:15] The process of choosing what stats get highlighted.  
[31:22] The legend of Ryan Macklin.  Thirty XP!
[33:49] Visible experience makes it easy to identify which players have had the spotlight for a while and which need more love.
[36:43] A D&D example: negotiating a truce with an enemy army.  "Well we defeated them.  So we want their XP"
[37:16] Apocalypse World avoids XP shenanigans by making every roll count.  
[40:36] Some final tips from Rob and Judd for running Apocalypse World. 

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