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Narrative Control

Jan 25, 2009

Hi and welcome back to Narrative Control. This episode continues our discussion on running games at conventions. This episode is about how to get the game started quickly and get the players into the action.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Justin Evans

Length: 24:36

Show Notes

[00:26] Introduction to the Show: Hitting the...

Jan 15, 2009

Hi and welcome back to a “regular” version of Narrative Control.  This week Justin and I talk about preparing for convention games.  The first two thirds of the show covers creating a strong threat or plot and creating props.  The second portion begs the question, is preparation really necessary?

Hosts: Sean Nittner...

Jan 7, 2009

Happy new year and welcome back to Narrative Control. This episode, recorded just after Christmas (on Boxing Day in fact) is a reflection of our 2008 and our hopes for 2009.  This episode as also much more relaxed than any we’ve done before.  You might like our antics or you might be frustrated by the lack of concrete...